Heavy and down tuned trio who will shake your soul” - Mark Riley

After the rain

new single out now

originally Inspired by the events in Ukraine, imagining the worst possible outcome. "After the rain" continues as part  of the story from the  "Sandsweeper" universe, conveying the darkness off war and what may come of us. 

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For all the suffering, yet to come 

For generations, yet unborn 

Already conquered, by the storm 

Their minds warped, 

After the rain 

Born to hate, full of sorrow 

Dark and desolate, no tomorrow 

Mothers weep and beat your breast 

Cry and howl, filled with regret 

Behind the clouds the sun is shining 

But the bombs rain down, 

bringing darkness 

After the rain 

No more tears, no more crying 

no more fighting, no more dying 

Desolation, Washed away 

Endless darkness, After the rain

Arachnarok (band) 

Arachnarok is a British Metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne. Founded in 2018 The band’s lineup consists of Steve Purvis (bass) with brothers Yan (lead vocals and guitar) and Chris Banks (drums and vocals). 

Arachnarok are known for their dark metal style and their anti-war stance as well as singing about neurodivergence and mental health themes. Songwriting is a collaborative effort beginning with  extended jams before being condensed over time into melodic gothic-tinged doom and metal. 

The band are recording their first full length record in 2023 and will release singles throughout the year. 

Arachnarok are spreading their wings and look to play shows further afield in 2023.

arachnarok live