Arachnarok is a British Metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne. Founded in 2018 The band’s lineup consists of Steve Purvis (bass) with brothers Yan (lead vocals and guitar) and Chris Banks (drums and vocals).

Arachnarok are known for their dark metal style and their anti-war stance as well as singing about neurodivergence and mental health themes. Songwriting is a collaborative effort beginning with  extended jams before being condensed over time into melodic gothic-tinged doom and metal.

The band are recording their first full length record in 2024 and will release singles throughout the year.

Arachnarok are spreading their wings and look to play shows further afield in 2024.

Yan: Yan has always gravitated to the darker sounds and themes within music and is constantly evolving as a guitar player as he searches for music that is new to him. Yan writes the lyrics based on his observations of the world and within his own mind and all views are his own.

Steve: Steve became obsessed with bass guitar at the age of 14 after listening to cassettes of Metallica’s Kill ’em All and Ride The Lightening while out on his paper round. Studying the legends of metal, funk and grunge through the mid -late nineties and embracing the chaos of the Nu Metal era at the turn of the millennium. Steve has sharpened his bass playing skillset to include elements of funk, gritty down tuned stomping grooves and brooding melodies.

Chris: When Chris was young, Chris hit drum… drum go boom. Chris hit drum again. Chris like noise drum make. Chris older now. Chris still like noise drum make.